What’s in the 80-year-old woman’s truest Hue taste beef noodle bowl?
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What’s in the 80-year-old woman’s truest Hue taste beef noodle bowl?

A full bowl of beef noodles costs 25,000 VND, but workers who buy 10,000 noodles also sell them, then add more to get customers to eat.

Passers-by will be drawn to the image of the old lady, sitting in front of the old house with a rustic beef noodle pot, radiating fragrance, beginning in the late afternoon when crossing Chi Lang Street (Hue City) to No. 107.Simple, rustic beef noodle shop beneath an old house's porch at 107 Chi Lang (Hue City).

Locals are familiar with this dining location. Phan Thi Mai (80 years old) owns the Hue beef noodle shop and has been selling Hue beef noodles on this road for more than 50 years.

The locals call this simple booth "Bun Bo Sang." There are only three sets of plastic tables and a few low chairs, but just "opening the pot" requires diners to "rub," while waiting in line.

The majority of diners are locals.

When I asked some friends, they told me that the unique, rustic flavor of Hue is what makes this noodle shop stand out.

Mr. Pham Van Lien (80, Gia Hoi Ward, HCMC) Hue), the restaurant's "senior" customer, stated: "Ms. Mai has been selling noodles on this Chi Lang street for 50 years because I eat familiarly, I only eat here to feel delicious, the truest Hue taste."

Bun Bo Sang restaurant's Hue standard water pot.

It's called beef vermicelli, but the original beef noodle soup for Hue people must be "beef noodle soup," so the broth of this 80-year-old woman is also full of meat. Accompanied by greasy crab patties, all blended, turning on the scent as if to awaken the person waiting's senses.

When asked what the secret was to making a "standard" Hue beef noodle pot, the owner was candid: "Mệ (grandmother - PV) will cook everything in the same braised pot, including the meat, spring rolls, patties, and blood tendons. The sweetness will come from the casserole bones, combined with the gentle aroma of lemongrass, and then seasoned to taste, particularly with a little delicious fish sauce."Rich beef noodle bowl with vibrant colors.

Hue-based beef vermicelli is typically smaller than that found elsewhere, and it is made from rice flour mixed with filtered flour, making it clearer and tougher. When you pour water into the vermicelli, it will not break. Raw vegetables are also served "very Hue," with thinly sliced banana corn, herbs, cilantro onions, prices...

She explained that the broth has a mild spicy flavor and little sweetness because the beef noodles are served to Hue people. The water is clear but rich in the spiciness of lemongrass and chili and is best served with a little chili sauce and sliced fruit peppers.For over 50 years, she has been selling noodles on Chi Lang Street.

Ms. Mai charged 25,000 VND for a bowl of beef noodles that embodied the essence of ancient capital cuisine.

"My guests are long-time acquaintances, mostly locals, not passing through, so it's just a price. Sometimes laborers who buy 10,000 mattresses also sell, then give them more to eat, because they do not want to make money when people are unhappy "She stated.Hue people frequently serve with a small amount of chili sauce and sliced fruit peppers in fish sauce.

This rustic Hue beef noodle shop keeps diners not only because of the delicious taste, and standard taste... but also because of the cuteness in the gentle personality of Hue's 80-year-old woman.Served with raw vegetables.The broth pot is always hot and emits a pleasant aroma.Many people come to this Hue beef noodle shop because of her gentle personality.

Source: Lê Hoài Nhân

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