A Cool Destination in the Heart of Ninh Thuan’s “Fire Pan”
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A Cool Destination in the Heart of Ninh Thuan’s “Fire Pan”

Phuoc Binh (Phước Bình) National Park is hidden cool and green in the middle of the hot Ninh Thuan "fire pan," where the country's lowest rainfall occurs.

When young people no longer enjoy traditional travel and want to discover new places to explore the unknown, trekking is gradually gaining popularity.

Many trekking routes in the south are well-known, such as Ta Nang - Phan Dung, conquering the East Pole, K50 waterfall, Bidoup peak - Nui Ba... However, many tourists are unaware of the existence of Phuoc Binh National Park in Ninh Thuan province.

When you mention Ninh Thuan, people immediately think of Nui Chua National Park, the blue sea, or the sun and wind. Few people are aware that Phuoc Binh National Park is located in northwest Ninh Thuan province, near Khanh Hoa and Lam Dong provinces. Green grassy hills stretch seemingly indefinitely, giving people a small sense of being in the middle of nature when standing there.

To begin our exploration of this location, we had to travel up Dalat and then down to Nam Hon Giao of Bidoup National Park. Then we went to the primeval old-growth forest, where the fog created high humidity all year long, allowing the mosses to grow smoothly, clinging to the trunks of old trees and the rocks along the stream. The excitement of entering here did not want to leave, but the entire group had to continue to find Phuoc Binh grass hill.

We descended continuously from nearly 2000m to 600-1000m, walking on the spine of the hill, occasionally encountering large slopes, the group only dared to sit down, on one side was the cliff, the other side the abyss. People have been walking aimlessly since leaving Bidoup National Park, walking in the middle of the "spine" that fog covers over their heads, not knowing what is around them.

People kept moving forward, slope after slope, realizing that going to the forest required more willpower than health. That's because you're in an old-growth forest a few meters from no one, a dozen meters away when the "howl" doesn't direct the person to call, and a hundred meters up in the mountain forest.

The fog gradually cleared, and the light in front of the road gradually increased, and everyone began to rejoice because they knew they were about to exit the old forest, and ahead was Phuoc Binh grassy hill. Everyone must have been taken aback by the breathtaking scenery as they emerged from the haunting forest. We may have visited forests with beautiful green grassy hills in the past, but never saw them stretch and undulate to the horizon like Phuoc Binh.

One night, we camped in the grassy hills, turning off all the lights to illuminate the old mountain forest and the green grassy hills that remained bright the night. In a city full of lights, it's difficult to see the slowly drifting stars.

The best time is to catch the rays of dawn, when the sun gradually rises above the top of the mountain, brightening the still-foggy grass. When a few gusts of wind blew through, the grass swayed like a wave, giving us the impression that we were walking in a sea of grass rather than the middle of the forest. Everyone took a few pictures and sat indifferently, catching the warm rays of the sun and admiring the beautiful landscape picture.

Everyone was pleased with the trip when it came to an end. Meet new people, share good times, and continue to explore strange lands with them to discover how beautiful Vietnam is.

Source: Phùng Quang Huy

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