Rendezvous on a hill of pink grass
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Rendezvous on a hill of pink grass

Those who have ever enjoyed singing on the pink grass hill of Da Lat in the early morning will never forget that scene and will remember the dear mountain town every year until the end of autumn and early winter.

People have been talking about the season of glittering pink grass carpeted on the deserted hills of Da Lat for the past few years. Few people realize, however, that the image of pink grass hills stretching out to the eyes has been featured in Pham Duy's song since 1970:

"Take me up the hill, there's no grass there.

Pick me up the hill, and we'll meet at sunrise.

Love has beautiful legs.

Remove your sandals and walk on the soft grass."

"Pink Grass" is the title of a song that acts as a diary page for infatuated youth, for musician Pham Duy's romance. Throughout the song, the pink grass hill represents a space filled with various love emotions. Perhaps 50 years ago, to date, the grass did not have to travel as far as it does today because the pink grass was present in the city's hills.

Pink grass is a weed; I'm not sure if it has a poetic name - pink grass - but farmers in this country call it hissing grass. They frequently grow in open ground in gardens, particularly on coffee plantations. The rainy season, according to the people of Da Lat, is the grass that begins to grow on the ground on any vacant land that has been left uncultivated for a long time. The blooming season begins at the end of October. When asked about the locals, they all smiled and replied, "Dalat people, who go to endless remote areas to see flowers?" The natives are not unfamiliar with this grass, nor do they overlook the beauty of these pure velvet carpets. Simply put, they went to the garden or a vacant lot on their way to work and were surrounded by small, idyllic pink grass. Perhaps that is enough for a wildflower to bloom every year for them.

Until about 7 or 8 years ago, photographers and backpackers photographed the morning's shimmering pink grass hills, and these grassy hills became more well-known as a result. However, many people do not carefully learn about the most beautiful grass time of day, so it takes time to dive into the place and then be disappointed.

To get the best view of the grass, you must "ambush" early in the morning, between 5 and 7 a.m. You will be able to witness the transformative moments of velvet carpets spanning dozens of hectares. Around 5.6 a.m., the sun was still hidden behind the hills, with only a sliver of light in the sky, grass, and dew like a thin layer of succulent snow on the ground. Dreamers also refer to pink grass as snow grass at this time. Young people frequently choose to date each other to camp, spend the night in the grassy hills, and wake up the next morning to see a region that is both pure and wild in front of their eyes, sit and tell headless stories together, or quietly enjoy the cool peaceful air. In a poetic setting, silence is sufficient.

The sun rises around 6 to 7 a.m., the early rays of the day reflect on hundreds of millions of tiny dewdrops clinging to the leaves, the flowers make the scene shimmer, and the grass color changes from green to pink. This is the time of year when many people fall in love, and it is also the best time to take photos with pink grass.

The Golden Valley tourist area and the Lonely Tree area are two popular places to see pink grass. To reach these pink grass hills from the center of Da Lat, take the Hoa Binh area landmark and travel about 20 kilometers towards Suoi Vang Lake, to the gate of the Golden Valley tourist area, and turn your left hand. Dalat also hosts the annual Pink Grass Hill festival here. If you want more privacy to enjoy the tranquility, walk 5 kilometers to the Golden Valley junction in the direction of Cu Times village, then continue on the trail for another 5 kilometers to the Lonely Tree. The road to this location is long and difficult to reach, but once there, you will find it worthwhile. In front of you is a lake, in the distance are hillsides hidden behind a thin mist, behind you is a forest of pine leaves gleaming in the early sun and a delicate pink stretches at the foot of the grass.

Dalat with pink grass, wild kneeling, purple phoenix, cloud dew, and weather in desperate need of warmth... Not only is it a popular tourist destination, but it has also become a popular private location for couple dating. Thinking about that place over the years was not filled with glorious nostalgia, but with a light breath, a quiet story, whispering together...

Source: Nguyệt Phạm - Images: Nguyễn Quang Ngọc

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