Ben Tre Coconut Land - A Beautiful Peaceful “Country Painting”
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Ben Tre Coconut Land - A Beautiful Peaceful “Country Painting”

Mr. Do Minh Tan regularly posts photos of his hometown of Ben Tre in tour groups on social media, and he receives a lot of love from the online community. Through the lens of photography, the 'coconut capital' appears peaceful and poetic in the early sun.

The peaceful country road is illuminated by the early morning sun, and each ray of light shines through the dreamy coconut trees.

Mr. Do Minh Tan was born in 1991 in Hưng Nhượng commune, Giồng Trôm district. He works as a silversmith but enjoys photographing his hometown of Ben Tre. He photographed in the Mỏ Cày Bắc, Ba Tri, and primarily in his hometown of Giồng Trôm.

Mr. Minh Tan told us that he always wanted to capture the beloved rustic images of coconut land because he loved his homeland. He couldn't afford a camera, so he wandered around the countryside with his phone, capturing images of his childhood memories.

The silversmith who enjoys photography seeks out the moment when the sun shines through the coconut trees in the morning.

Ben Tre'country painting' not only impresses visitors with the image of coconut trees but also with the peaceful scenery every morning, the rice field is also covered with morning dew or the image of the country river, water wharf... beautiful and peaceful, evoking many people's childhood memories.

The rice field is dewy.

Cầu Khỉ – a typical image in the Southwest countryside.

The accumulation of silt from four tributaries of the Tien River, Ba Lai River, Ham Luong River, and Co Fry River, as well as islet land strips, creates favorable conditions for the growth of coconut trees.

The scene of people going to the fields in the early morning.

Ben Tre is known as the "coconut capital," with over 72,000 hectares of coconut gardens, more than 17,000 of which are in the Giồng Trôm district.

People here place a high value on coconut products such as grated coconut rice, coconut milk powder, coconut cream, pure coconut oil, hardened coir thread, coconut milk...

The image of the beautiful peaceful 'country pier'.

Ben Tre has been developing products and images associated with coconut trees to capitalize on this advantage, which is an exceptional value for river ecotourism in the coconut country.

The picture of peaceful country rivers.

As a result, visitors to this river countryside see coconuts everywhere, with coconut trees stretching along the concrete road in Bàu Dơi, Hưng Nhượng, and Giồng Trôm hamlets.

The cuffs are 'lonely'.

"Ben Tre is so peaceful," Mr. Minh Tan said, "and I want to share these dear corners with friends across the country, especially my children who are away from their hometowns."

Source: Thanh Hiền - Đỗ Minh Tân

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