Chu Dang Ya volcano “burns” yellow during the wildflower season
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Chu Dang Ya volcano “burns” yellow during the wildflower season

Chu Dang Ya volcano is one of Gia Lai's most popular tourist attractions, with a field of bright yellow wildflowers stretching across the mountains and hills.

Apart from well-known tourist attractions such as T'Nuong Lake, Phu Cuong Waterfall, Minh Thanh Pagoda, Yaly Hydropower Lake... Chu Dang Ya volcano is an appealing destination for visitors looking to enjoy nature's gift to the majestic Central Highlands.

Chu Dang Ya volcano is located 30 kilometers northeast of Pleiku city center, nestled among four mountains, in Ploi Iagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Păh district, Gia Lai province.

Every November, the wild stream 'burns' a whole land of heaven on the hillsides, dispelling the gloomy atmosphere and freezing cold wind in the midst of the red ripe coffee harvest.Winter leopard flowers are kneeling with the people of the Central Highlands, signaling the end of winter.The path to Chu Dang Ya volcano is lined with two rows of bright yellow wildflowers.

It is also customary for the Chu Păh People's Committee to organize a wildflower festival on Chu Dang Ya mountain every 11th month. Traveling to Gia Lai and visiting Chu Dang Ya on this occasion allows visitors to see the golden color of rustic wildflowers and participate in many exciting activities and discover the beauty of indigenous culture. The beauty created by a volcano's 'death' serves as a brand for tourism and the people who live here.When viewed from above, Chu Dang Ya volcano appears to be a massive funnel covered in the brilliant yellow color of wildflowers.Chu Dang Ya not only attracts tourists from near and far, but it is also a place where young people come to bloom and is a highly appealing place for 'virtual living' enthusiasts.Wildflower season lasts about a month and is at its peak in mid-November.The wild yellow kneeling from the entrance to the mountain slopes and then falling on their backs like a soft carpet are mostly wild and grow naturally.

Climbing the crater rim takes about 20 minutes to see the full beauty of the Chu Dang Ya volcano. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Gia Lai mountain town from here, a pristine idyllic sky full of sunshine and wind, although rustic but charming and strangely distracting.The Chu Dang Ya volcano is hidden beneath the clouds, creating a majestic and mysterious scene.

Source: Thảo Phương

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