Experience Chill Camping in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang Mountains
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Experience Chill Camping in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang Mountains

A chilly moment in the camping experience in Quang Binh is lying lazy under the primeval trees of Phong Nha - Ke Bang forest, listening to the murmur of the wind and the sound of noisy streams, and inhaling the pleasant warm coffee aroma.

In keeping with the global tourism trend, Quang Binh has many experience areas with camping and glamping models. The tents located under the trees are harmonious in the breath of the jungle, helping visitors gently catch up and slow down for a few moments of life, thanks to the advantage of owning pristine nature and green forests in the landscape of mountains, and harmonious rivers.

Nature's Dating

Choose comfortable areas on high hills and mountains, near underground rivers and cool green streams, so that the atmosphere at the campgrounds is always cool and airy.

The ivory white tents blend in with the green of the plants and are raised above the ground, creating space and ensuring the dryness of the visitors' rest area.

Not only does it have a relaxing atmosphere, but young people who "leave the street to the countryside" can also enjoy enjoyable fun activities in the heart of nature such as swimming in underground rivers, exploring caves, boating, trekking, climbing... Tired of returning to the shack like the roof to rest and drifting with the wind, waiting for rice time to enjoy delicious BBQ meals in the mountains and forests.

Visitors can actively choose the level of difficulty for their advocacy activities and family, friends, and relatives. With a basic level of movement, not only do young groups of people love new experiences, inspiring daily city life, but small families can let children come to play, closer to natural life.The campsites are scattered along the Phong Nha forest route and have different characteristics and stories, so they offer different products and experiences. Moc Nam Camplux has high-class Mongolian tents on the groundwater, so visitors can feel comfortable and escape during the night in the valley or the morning awakening on the hillside.

Blue Diamond, another campground that does not offer glamping in the sky, also has fun activities and overnight camping for the family. Visitors to Bitter Cloud Hill on Ho Chi Minh Street, which is closer to Dong Hoi city center, can also enjoy a night by the hill as well as a relaxing vacation with their families. Netin Travel also has exciting star-studded camping packages available.

Your job is uncomplicated

What are the requirements for going camping in Quang Binh? Nothing is more important than a heart in need of love, and the body enjoys relaxing. Your job is simply relaxing.

Camping tours are frequently fully planned and provide visitors with a complete and rich place to rest and have meals. You will not have to spend a lot of time and worry about the details of the trip if you have a well-planned itinerary from travel to dinner. As a result, visitors' minds will be devoted to "dating" nature and enjoying the present in novel ways."After swimming as much as you want, the entire group will enjoy a BBQ featuring Quang Binh specialties. When night falls, you will be able to see the starry sky and hear the sounds of the mountains and forests. No electricity, no Internet, no surfing, no social media... just a flashlight charged, a cup of tea, and soft music; tell three stories to new friends "Ms. Hien (from Hanoi) had a camping experience at Moc Nam Camplux.

Aside from pristine nature, inspired by nature, the cuisine is a distinct feature that visitors will never forget. Baked goods made from forest products, as well as snacks such as lead cakes, donuts, and so on, brought up from the plains, make tourists miss the taste.The campsites, as well as the accompanying expeditions and picnics, have contributed to the enhancement of tourism activities in Quang Binh. Visitors now have more options for experiences while also opting for a more relaxed lifestyle in keeping with the green nature.

Source: Khánh Trinh

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