Explore the Hindu Temple of the Indians in the Heart of Saigon
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Explore the Hindu Temple of the Indians in the Heart of Saigon

Indians in Saigon constructed Madame India Temple, a distinctive structure. This is not only a place for prayer and reflection, but it is also a location to take in the stunning Hindu architecture created by Saigonese and Indians in general.

Since the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Indians have lived in Vietnam. One of the major ex-pat communities in Vietnam right now is the Indian one. They created numerous religious institutions in the heart of Saigon at the time because of their economic skills and wealth. These masterpieces have been conserved in their whole for more than a century, adding to the Southern region's cultural beauty.

Indians in Saigon constructed Madame India Temple, a distinctive structure. This is not just a place for meditation and prayer, but it's also a fascinating location to see Saigonese and Indian Hindu architecture in general.

1. Where is the Indian Grandma Temple?

The Madam India Temple is situated at 45 Truong Dinh Street in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1. You may easily travel a variety of routes because the temple is adjacent to Ben Thanh market.

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00, the temple is accessible. The temple closes at 20:00, particularly on the sixth, first, and fifteenth lunar monthly days.

  1. The Indian Temple's name and its historical background

The Mariamman Temple, which was constructed in the early 20th century, is a temple with Indian-inspired Hindu architecture. Because it honors the Indian goddess Mariamman, the temple is known as The Indian Temple.

Mariamman is the goddess of health, welfare, agriculture, union, the family, and offspring. The god provides excellent harvests, and rich land, and aids in people's ability to reap abundant produce. Additionally, she is the one who consistently spreads love and joy among the popular.

Explore the Hindu temple of the Indians in the heart of SaigonMariamman is a Tamil folk deity that dates back 1,500 years before the start of the Western calendar, to the Pre-Vede period. In the Tamil Nadu region of southern India, she served as the mother deity. The wife of God Siva, Pavarti, Uma, Devi Durga, Kaliamman, etc. is represented by Mariamman. The Dravidian tribe's native deity Mariamman, who arrived to stave off the invasion of white Aryan tribes from the Brahmin and Hindu North, is the subject of numerous stories.

The Saigon temple was initially constructed solely for Indians before being open to everyone. Over time, people have come to revere this location in addition to its distinctive architectural features.

3. Interesting things to do when visiting the Indian Temple

One of the most popular destinations in Saigon, particularly for visitors who enjoy spiritual and architectural landmarks, is Madamme India Temple. The Indian Temple has a lot of intriguing features that will impress you right away.

3.1. Indian temple architecture with a Hindu breath

The main hall area of the Truong Dinh Indian Temple is intended to be devoted to the goddess Mariamman, as well as the two guards Pechiamman (right) and Maduraiveeran (left).

The main hall honoring the goddess Mariamman is located at the entryway, and two shrines honoring two benevolent deities are located close to it. Due to the fact that this region is sacrosanct, it is gated off, making entry by anybody other than the ceremony's organizer strictly forbidden.

A statue of the red-faced Goddess Mariamman is in the center of the main hall's high floor. She occasionally displayed power in her numerous hands, one of which was holding a cup of rice while the other held a trident handle. There are numerous Mariamman statues of varying sizes plus statues and images of other Hindu deities all around the temple.

The design of this temple is likewise fairly distinctive for a place of worship visited by tourists. This temple's distinctive U-shaped design not only adds originality and appeal but also gives guests a sense of intimacy and coziness. Statues, paintings, and papers with a Hindu theme can be seen on the temple grounds.

Explore the Hindu temple of Indian architecture in the heart of Saigon

The figurines of 18 gods in 18 distinct attitudes run down the wall, drawing visitors' attention immediately. Diverse representations of the gods represent different wishes of the populace.

The lion Simha Vahanam, which serves as the mascot for the god Mariamman, can be seen in the left corner of the room.

You can ascend the stairs to get a panoramic view of the tower's roof, which is painted in a rainbow of brilliant hues.

3.2. Mariamman Prayer Ceremony

Worshiping the goddess at the revered Indian Madamme Temple offers good fortune and joy. As a result, a great number of individuals bring sacrificial things here each year. Users can choose from a wide variety of luxurious sacrifices, such as grains, fruits, incense offerings, and cooking oil. Before beginning their journey, people can purchase these products that are all sold in front of the temple gate.

The centrally located Indian Pagoda is a popular spiritual tourist site, making it a convenient stop on your trip to Saigon. Therefore, do not miss this unique holy location if you get the chance to visit Saigon. We really hope that the information we have provided will be more helpful to you as you explore Ho Chi Minh City!

Source: Pham Quoc Viet

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