Tà Đùng - Đăk Nông: Self-Sufficient Tourism
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Tà Đùng - Đăk Nông: Self-Sufficient Tourism

What does Tà Đùng - Đăk Nông possess to draw travelers and backpackers in such numbers? Young people with a general enthusiasm for exploration chose Dak Nong as the "miniature Ha Long Bay." So, Tà Đùng is attractive? Is Tà Đùng's path far away? Are the rumors true?

What does Tà Đùng - Đăk Nông have that draws visitors and travelers in such large numbers? Identified as the "miniature Ha Long Bay" in Dak Nong by relatively all young individuals who are enthusiastic about exploration. Tà Đùng appears to be attractive. Is Tà Đùng's highway a long distance off? Is it really as bad as they say?

We will address your questions and share with you his experience traveling to Tà Đùng with just 2 million VND in his essay. For instance, Tà Đùng is a terrific option if you want to find a quiet place to take in the stunning unforeseen scenery. For additional information, see the article below!

Tà Đùng – What's so attractive about Dak Nong?

On the tourist map, Tà Đùng Lake, Dak Nong, has a slightly odd name that attracts youthful readers who are itching to "backpack." But this is a location that is prized and that you insist on purchasing as though you want to enjoy the "fairy tale."

Although it can seem pricey to explore the "miniature Ha Long Bay," Tà Đùng tourism offers relatively affordable prices. Particularly, the travelers who are eager about exploring new places and have the power to let go of the restraints on their Tà Đùng travel experience simply bring two million VND. It's without God!

Information about Tà Đùng Lake – Dak Nong

Name: Tà Đùng Lake or Dong Nai 3 Hydropower Lake

Address: In two areas of Dak P 'lao commune and Dak Som town, Dak Glong district, Đăk Nông Province

Area: 22103 ha (221.03 km²)

Lakebed area: 5000 Ha (50 km²)

The lake, which is just 45 kilometers from the Gia Nghia commune's administrative seat, has a peculiar accidental landscape with more than 40 huge and small islands that sway in the middle of the vast water. Because of this, it is known as "Halong Bay" in the Central Highlands.

Tà Đùng is one of 4 areas with a wide range of endemic bird species, making up 1/8 of all bird species in Vietnam and one of 222 areas worldwide having endemic bird strains.

Take a boat to visit Ta Thing Lake

In addition to taking in the lake's splendor, the Te Thing sudden reserve also offers breathtaking views of the mountains and woodlands. Among them are precious species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the rest of the world, including leopards, gibbons, and little phu, as well as a place to keep all the diverse flora and fauna.

The locals, especially those in the Plating community, have a single heart and are fiercely protective of their forest.

What time of year is ideal for going to Tà Đùng?

Tà Đùng Lake's water season is a wonderful time to experience its full magnificence (July-12). The lake's water level rises to a brilliant blue during this time, and because of the rainfall, the trees on the tiny green islands are more affordable than ever.

To further appreciate the distinctive watercolor painting in the Central Highlands mountains and forests, guests can take a boat into the lake's vicinity when they arrive.

Tourism to Tà Đùng, which is self-sufficient, barely generates two million VND.

How to get to Tà Đùng Lake

In addition to taking a motorcycle alone to Tà Đùng, you may now ride a bus to the camping area for a handy route that costs reasonably. See more about the Tà Đùng Lake travel tips:

1st way: You follow Highway 14 towards Dak Nong, go to Gia Nghia district then continue to Highway 28, passing through Quang Khe town will reach Tà Đùng.

2nd way: To the go to Tà Đùng tourist area is to follow the street of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM heads to Highway 20 to Di Linh then continues to Highway 28.

3rd way: Only 150,000 – 170,000 VND/person, you can take it to the Eastern bus station to pick up An Khanh, Minh Long, Hung Kien, Kim Chi ... The travel period is just over 5 years old and brings fame to the place.

Route to Tà Đùng Lake's full discovery—Dak Nong

Tà Đùng is merely a tourist destination, hence there are no well-liked entertainment options there. This is appropriate for guests who come to unwind, relax, and breathe fresh air. The Central Highlands Motel will explain how to travel to Tà Đùng and have the best possible experience right here!

Rent a boat to Tà Đùng Lake

When visiting "miniature Halong Bay," make sure not to miss this! A group of 15 persons can rent a boat for around $1 million (per person rates range from $100,000 to $150,000). Tà Đùng Lake's splendor stands out among the Central Highlands' woods, mountains, and remoteness like a singular form of a green mirror. Because of the lake's distinctive shape and the numerous nearby sand dunes, the locals frequently refer to it as Tà Đùng Lake.

Additionally, the majority of the rafting communities are located on the lakebed, and the residents here are primarily from the Mekong Delta. Visitors can explore and eat delicacies made from the lake's plentiful aquatic resources, of which Snakehead of Ta Thing Lake is a well-known delectable delicacy.

Camping overnight at Tà Đùng Lake

When you rent a boat to go on a lake excursion, they will drop you off so you can go nearby and camp one night before picking you up the next morning. Mindfulness is a steadfast camp that has been established previously.

The Central Highlands Motel advises visiting the small, picturesque islands in the middle of Tà Đùng joining in on conversations, singing, or BBQ parties with friends.

Explore The Caves of Chu Bluk Tà Đùng Lake

When visiting Tà Đùng Lake, you shouldn't forget to see Chu Bluk Cave. It has been acknowledged as Southeast Asia's longest volcanic cave since it is a highly unique cave.

There are more than 100 separate caves in this cave, and each one has unique attractive traits. Therefore, you will almost certainly find the godless when you come here to visit.

Admire Dieu Thanh Waterfall

Dieu Thanh waterfall is a destination to see the renowned Tà Đùng Lake that you should visit once since it has a poetic and endearing beauty. Liêu Nung Waterfall, which has three separate waterfalls, is another name for this location.

One of the most stunning waterfalls in the middle highlands is Dieu Thanh. Anyone who comes here will be excited by the abrupt scenery. Because Dieu Thanh embodies poetry, friendship, and great beauty.

Experience Ea Sno Tà Đùng Lake

In addition to Tà Đùng lake, ea Sno lake is a gorgeous lake in the Krong Noi district. As a result, you can visit Ea Sno Lake when you travel to Tà Đùng Lake for a visit. This is also the perfect place to go in this region of the Central Highlands.

This location is exceptionally serene and untouched due to its natural beauty. You'll feel quite soothed and delicate in your soul when you visit this place to take in the surroundings. As a result, your vacation to Ta Nùng Lake will be made easier and more complete by visiting the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands above.

The market of the Hmong people in Dak Nang village

You can also take part in the Hmong market held in the nearby Dak Nang hamlet if you're fortunate enough to visit Tà Đùng on a weekend.

Visitors can still encounter one cultural aspect similar to Sapa since the Hmong people in this northern mountainous region still practices their traditional rituals and culture.

The market is stocked with everything from food to farm implements to traditional brocade. They can pay the price or ask to borrow clothes to try on because the Hmong people in this area are highly hospitable and nice.

The Dong Nai 3 hydroelectric plant, Lieu Nung waterfall, Gia Nghia area, and Bao Loc, Lam Dong are additional popular destinations for Tà Đùng tourists.

What should you eat when visiting Tà Đùng?

You might benefit from seeing the tiny stream and the coffee fields after visiting Tà Đùng Lake. Additionally, there are unique meals to savor, essential to the Central Highlands' forests and mountains:

Blue rice

Soft flexible rice blended in the aroma pattern of young cork tubes, to get evenly cooked, flexible blue rice tubes require a lot of elaboration. The rice used to cook blue rice must be glutinous rice with a new rice aroma. According to the people of the Central Highlands, the best thing is to choose the 'tan' type (tan glutinous), this glutinous line when cooked with soft, soft rice seeds and a faint aroma is very seductive.

The rice is well cleaned before being combined with a little salt. The cork tube that is used to boil rice must be a type of young corn crack that is held tightly at eye level. Rinse, combine rice and water, then eat banana leaves to completely seal the pipe's end. The embers are placed inside the ember burner after being filled with enough rice and water. When the tubes that are cracked turn burned yellow, a subtle aroma of cooked rice also appears. Visitors can thoroughly appreciate the flavor of the mountains and forests permeated in each soft cooked grain of blue rice by eating just one tube of the rice and one cup of sesame salt in the evenings in the Central Highlands.

Fire chicken

When visiting the Central Highlands, tourists always want to eat the delicious fire chicken in addition to lam rice. Just smelled and desired, the grilled chicken is browned with the scent of lemon leaves.

Where to travel to Tà Đùng Lake?

There are no well-known hotels and motels for travelers to choose from in Tà Đùng nowadays. So, if you're traveling to Tà Đùng to explore, overnight camping will be your most affordable option. You should be prepared to own 1 own vehicle and 1 set of camping equipment.

When you choose to camp here for the night, Tà Đùng Lake will unquestionably be a fantastic experience site.

Or you can decide to stay at a local homestay. For a cost of roughly 30,000 VND per person, visitors who choose not to stay can still stop by Tà Đùng Topview Homestay, sip a cup of coffee, and take in the views.

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