The Top 5 Vacant Seas You Should Fill With Sea
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The Top 5 Vacant Seas You Should Fill With Sea

The best summer pastime is always going to be beach tourism. Covid-19 forces us to put off that enjoyment till 2021. The year 2022 will be even more stunning, so make sure to check out these top 7 destinations to let loose! Explore by scrolling down below!

I/ What should I do if going to the water is enjoyable and relaxing?

  • Observe the dawn and sunset. In comparison to the metropolitan dawn and sunset, the seaside ones are always charming and uncommon.
  • Eat seafood face-on! Seafood is unquestionably more affordable and fresh! The native flavor of seafood meals makes them special as well.
  • Take a dip in the ocean, relax on the beach, or go diving to observe the corals. Take a dip in the refreshing water and take in the splendor of the marine environment.
  • Enjoy the scenery as seen from the high mountain peaks. It's common for islands to have both mountains and the sea, so climbing a mountain to take in the view would be worth a shot!

II/ The maritime tourism checklist must comprise the most desirable locations

In the province of Quang Ngai is Ly Son Island. The journey from the mainland to the island by ship only takes 30 to 1 hour. If the big island has well-known attractions, the small island is a perfect site to see corals, take a bath in a deserted sea, and enjoy the beautiful beach.

Here are some of the intriguing maritime tourism experiences in Ly Son:

View Ly Son Island in all its beauty from the summit of Thoi Thoi. Another check-in location not to be missed is the flagpole atop Thoi Thoi.

Explore Baby Island by taking a dip in the sea, snorkeling to explore reefs, and checking in with frescoes,...

In Ly Son, To Dome Gate is a well-known location to view sunsets since it is a natural structure beside the water.

To "hover" around the island, hire a motorbike. Ly Son Island is also not very large, so you can get there in one to two days by taking coastal roads or passing through expansive garlic fields.

2/ Phu Quy Island

Visitors can go to Phu Quy Island, which is in the province of Binh Thuan, via boat, which departs from Phan Thiet. The island is still relatively undeveloped in terms of tourism services, but as a result, you will enjoy it more peacefully, comfortably, and in close proximity to nature than in other well-known locations.

Lovely check-in locations that many of you adore:

Duong Village Aquarium is a new island music venue with distinctive architecture that provides virtual living pictures similar to those in Europe.

There are ten little and large islands in Phu Quy. Take a boat to explore Hon Tranh, Egg Island, Middle Island, etc. A tour to explore these islands can be easily purchased at hotels, motels,...

Little Beach - Ganh Hang is a peaceful and lovely beach where you may enjoy a picnic or go camping.

You should also not miss the Bai Lang embankment, Cao Cat mountain, Linh Son pagoda, flagpole, etc.

#3 Con Dao

You can travel here by air or sea and Con Dao is a part of Vung Tau. Con Dao will undoubtedly capture the hearts of young individuals who appreciate nature. Among the numerous unusual natural phenomena are:

During the sea turtle mating season, which lasts roughly from April to October, watch as female sea turtles lay eggs and hatchlings are released into the water.

The Tuoi Pipe airport is very close to Dam Betel beach, so just come out here to observe the plane from a very close distance.

Investigate the national park region by foot.

Visit spiritual tourism attractions like Phi Yen Temple, Van Son Tu, and Hang Duong Cemetery.

Explore the island's roads on a motorcycle, then pause for sightseeing or relaxing camping!

4. Cham Island

Hoi An, Quang Nam, is home to Cham Island. You can take a canoe or a wooden boat to Cham Island from Cua Dai pier in Hoi An. Cham Island, designated by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve, places a high priority on environmental preservation and sustainable tourism growth. You should also be aware that it encourages visitors to avoid using plastic bags, reducing plastic waste.

What to do here on Cham Island:

Swim, see the corals, and explore the sea floor.

The Indigo Islet Marine Sanctuary is worth a visit.

Aim to check in to the lush coconut forest at Seven Acres.

indigo isletindigo islet5/ Binh Hung

Binh Hung is comparable to a drowsy muse who has recently been discovered, but his brother Binh Ba is well-known to many travelers. It just takes 10 minutes to travel by train from Bai Kinh (Ninh Thuan) to Binh Hung.

In Binh Hung, you should try the following:

Eat lobster—every last bit of it! It is crucial to repeat three times!:D. Seafood is great in Binh Hung, where there are many homes dedicated to raising and preparing it.

Spend a night camping on the beach or in a raft house to truly experience nature.

Chuong Beach, Freshwater Beach, Me Beach, Egg Rock Beach, and others are lovely places to stroll and dive without restriction.

III/ General information for an extensive sea voyage

To travel to these cruise destinations, the majority of you will need to take a train (only a few have direct flights). Therefore, you must prepare seasickness medications to protect your health and wellbeing.

Most of the time, renting a motorbike will be the most practical option for getting around so you may freely explore the island. In order to always be handy for moving and renting vehicles, you can enquire in advance about motorbike rental services that can be delivered and picked up immediately at the pier, airport, etc.

When visiting the island, sunscreen, hats, bug repellents, and other medications are a must!

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