The Unspoiled Waterfall in Lai Chau
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The Unspoiled Waterfall in Lai Chau

The Waterfall, which originates in the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, is like a charming picture among the northwest mountains and forests of Lai Chau.

Tac Tinh (Tác Tình/Tắc Tình) Waterfall is located in Tam Duong (Tam Dương) town, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau (Lai Châu) province. It is also known as Tac Tinh Waterfall or Love Waterfall. The 120m high waterfall vertically pours a white color into the 40m wide waterfall's foot.

In Lai Chau, the Waterfall is a beautiful scene that has retained its pristine appearance.

The Love Waterfall stands out from afar with its white color flowing among the deep green of the surrounding mountains and forests. The sound of the waterfall roaring day and night and the water flowing down before them created an exciting unspoiled scene as they got closer.

The waterfall's white color stands out among the deep green mountains and forests.

If the waterfall strongly evaporates the water, obscuring an entire region with a majestic rattling sound throughout the mountains and forests during the rainy season, The Love Waterfall brings the gentleness of indifferent water that drops itself down the cliffs and lands gently on the lake during the dry season. Regardless of the season, the waterfall retains its allure that keeps visitors captivated.

During the dry season, the falls are gentler, with water flaps that release to reveal solid cliffs.

When the rainbow appears, Love Falls takes on a beautiful, irresistibly poetic appearance. If you are lucky enough to visit the waterfall on a sunny day, you will be able to admire the magical colors of the rainbow hidden on the lake at the foot of the waterfall, which looks like a fairytale scene.

On sunny days, beautiful rainbows appear at the base of the waterfall.

The Love Waterfall, in addition to being a natural masterpiece, captivates with the myth of the indigenous couple's faithful and intense love. According to legend, a beautiful Dao girl living in the village at the base of the waterfall once fell in love with a boy from the same village.

Many couples who adore each other come here to pray for long-term happiness.

Their love is complicated when they are harmed by crooks and are unable to marry. Finally, the two decide to sink into the waterfall in order to preserve their love of iron lipstick. The name "Love" was also given to this waterfall by the people in order to cooperate for the couple's unfinished love story.

The majestic Waterfall of Love is linked to the tragic but razor-sharp love story of the Dao couple.

With its magnificent beauty and meaningful legends, the waterfall increases its allure, making it difficult for those who have ever set foot in it to forget their impressions.

Coming to The Love Waterfall is a journey to admire the beauty of Lai Chau's mountainous land while also listening to the love story of iron lipstick, which echoes forever in the mountains and forests.

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