Thien Huong Ancient Village in Ha Giang
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Thien Huong Ancient Village in Ha Giang

Thien Huong ancient village (also known as Ma Pac village) is located about 5 kilometers from Dong Van town and has a peaceful and pristine beauty.

The road to the village has a cliff on one side and an abyss on the other. The mountains rise to the cloudy sky like Dong Van's "sky gate."

Thien Huong is a historic village with roots dating back centuries. The old banyan trees that four or five people hug at the beginning of the village do not immediately attract visitors.

Visitors will see idyllic and genuine images of village children on their way into the village.

The golden color of the houses reported in Thien Huong ancient village stands out in the green of the mountain forest. The houses of relatives here are built in ancient architecture, with yin and yang tile roofs and earthen walls.

The space in the house is divided into two rooms: one for cooking and living and one for storing furniture. Despite the passage of a century, the landscape appears to have remained unchanged. From the road to the old house and finally to the interior of the house.

Nature has blessed Thien Huong ancient village with a poetic and colorful appearance. Every season of the year, visitors to Thien Huong experience their own beauty.

Thien Huong village is populated by ethnic Tay people. For generations, their lives have been linked to agriculture and traditional winemaking. Thien Huong village wine is completely handmade and goes through an extremely meticulous production process.

Women here must go to the forest to pick more than 30 different types of tobacco leaves to make yeast for the famous delicious Thien Huong corn wine. Corn harvested from the chest is brought to cook, and when the corn blooms to the size of a finger, it is poured and dried to cool. The tobacco leaves were then pounded and mixed with corn before being piled up and thoroughly brewed in bags. Put it in a wine after a week.

Unlike other traditional wines, Thien Huong wine captivates visitors with its delicious, sweet taste, transforming drinking into a feeling of smoothness and warmth.

Thien Huong wine enchants visitors, and the scenery of Thien Huong keeps their footsteps lingering. Aside from wine, the dishes here have distinct flavors, such as beefcake and pho cake.

Visitors who want to experience the beauty of Thien Huong ancient village must be in tune with the daily lives of the people who live here: eat together, sleep together, live together...

Thien Huong ancient village, with its peaceful and pristine beauty, promises to be an indispensable stop on the journey to Vietnam's first region.

Source: Khanh Minh

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