Immerse Yourself in the Awe-Inspiring Splendor of the Wild Sunflowers
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Immerse Yourself in the Awe-Inspiring Splendor of the Wild Sunflowers

When the monsoon rains stop, every corner of the hill in Da Lat is decked out in bright flowers.

In the early winter, tourists flock to Dalat because of the flower's radiant yellow color, which symbolizes the land's intense vitality.

It's a wild flower, a wildflower, persistently waiting for 12 months and then suddenly growing quickly, rising along roadsides, weaving on hillsides, or waiting quietly in the deep valley.

October is the month when wildflowers bloom, turning Da Lat's earth and sky yellow. The season of kneeling wildflowers is very special to me. The beauty of the streets with bright yellow flowers makes my heart sing. There are places throughout the country where kneeling blooms on this occasion, but only in Da Lat can we feel the harmony between flowers and people.

On the plateau, the pure beauty of wildflowers kneels.

When the monsoon rains in Nha Trang had just ended, I hopped on my motorcycle and rode to Da Lat to fulfill my promise to kneel. You can enjoy the yellow flowers as you travel from Nha Trang through Khanh Le pass to "Little Paris Central Highlands," passing through Thai Tran flower village.

Either walk through the Cau Dat (Cầu Đất) tourist area or around the road to the top of Langbiang or The Valley of Love... It is also filled with wild sunflowers during this time for you to contemplate.

The roads leading to the Central Highlands are all bright yellow with wildflowers in October.

I drove to Ta Nung again on my way to Da Lat in the afternoon. The section leading to Nguyen Huu Hao's mausoleum has the distinct yellow color of the Central Highlands kneeling. It's been quietly blooming here for a long time, but the lack of human footprints has enhanced the beauty of the flowers.

On Ta Nung Pass, you will see a lot of young people looking for flowers. They capture their youth during the wildflower season in stunning photographs.

Ta Nung is in the midst of the wild sunflower.

In addition, on my way out of Pleiku City, I stopped at Kon Tum. The road is only 40 kilometers long and is normally lined with trees and green grass.

However, during the wildflower season, the road suddenly glows yellow. Wildflowers grow in flaps that can stretch for kilometers. Flowers bloom in the wind, creating a beautiful scene that causes people passing by the road to slow down.

The young couple discovered a lovely check-in spot near the wildflower bush.

I also visited Pleiku's Bien Ho (Biển Hồ). With the road leading to the green pine forest, the Lake is naturally beautiful. This path glows with incense during the wildflower season. Wildflowers in the Lake typically bloom later than elsewhere.

I even drove past the Spectacular Pass (Đèo Ngoạn Mục) just to look at the scenery. The golden flowers on this road are truly magical! There are crab arches on Spectacular Pass, and there is a large field for you to pause. I was enjoying the majestic beauty of nature when I noticed a whole flap of wild sunflower cheering in the sun on the high mountain slopes.

The wild sunflower kneeling man stretched out his arms to catch the rays of the sun.

Dalat may not be a new destination for you, but during the wildflower blooming season, you will experience a very different Dalat, romantic and deep in the golden color of the flower that has won so many visitors' hearts. The blooming yellow wildflowers will be a charming invitation message for visitors to find the "city of thousands of flowers" on the eve of this year's flower festival.

Source: Khuê Việt Trường

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